School’s Competition

ELC runs a Competition for schools in the Montmorency and Eltham districts. The competition runs over 3 weeks starting early March.

The objectives of the competition are to:

  • Promote Lacrosse throughout the local community
  • Create an exciting and fun atmosphere for kids to feel welcome and included and
  • Sign up new players to our club.

Key points to note are:

  • This is a free activity provided by Eltham Lacrosse Club
  • All lacrosse equipment is supplied by the club for the competition
  • The competition is held at Eltham Lower Park) – Main Road Eltham

For more information please feel free to contact one of our junior directors!

Nick Finlay – juniordirector@elthamlacrosseclub.com.au

Belinda Smith – juniordirectorgirls@elthamlacrosseclub.com.au

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