Quick Stick Invade

The Quick Stix Lacrosse program is an exciting opportunity for children aged 5–12 to learn and enjoy the game of lacrosse. Whether at school or a club, kids will love Quick Stix! Here are some key points about this program:

  1. What is Quick Stix?
    • Quick Stix is a free-flowing form of lacrosse designed for students to start learning the game.
    • It’s simple to teach and learn, making it perfect for both primary and secondary school children.
    • Participants enjoy a fun environment while developing hand-eye coordination and quick decision-making skills.
    • It’s a positive social experience that fosters teamwork.
    • Quick Stix serves as a pathway to transition children into club-based competitive lacrosse at the youth level.
    • Lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing international sports, played in over 60 countries worldwide and recently added to the 2028 Olympic Games, the Olympic Sixers!
  2. How Can You Get Involved?
    • If you’re aged 5–12, consider joining the five-week club program.
    • Parents, register your child today!
    • Sport teachers, let us help you run a Quick Stix program in your primary school.
  3. Upcoming Program in Eltham:
    • Eltham Lacrosse Club – Quick Stix Invade
    • Dates: Term2
    • A fantastic opportunity for kids to catch, throw, and give lacrosse a go!
    • Join the fun and sign up for Quick Stix!

For more information please feel free to contact one of our junior directors:

Kali Scott, Junior Director – Boys: juniordirector@elthamlacrosseclub.com.au

Steve Casamento, Junior Director – Girls: juniordirectorgirls@elthamlacrosseclub.com.au

Eltham Lacrosse Club (Eltham Lower Park) – Main Road Eltham (map)

  • PO BOX 392
    Williamstown VIC 3016 Australia

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