At Eltham Lacrosse Club, our team of experienced coaches is second to none. With a passion for the game and a wealth of knowledge, our coaches bring years of expertise to the field, ensuring that every player receives top-notch training and guidance. From honing fundamental skills to developing advanced strategies, our dedicated coaches are committed to fostering both individual growth and team cohesion. Their proven track record of success and commitment to nurturing talent make them invaluable assets to our club, inspiring players to reach new heights in their lacrosse journey.

Keith Nyberg

Keith’s time playing lacrosse spans over some 35 years. During his career he has played over 400 senior games for Eltham, has represented Victoria 21 times and has been part of 7 Australian teams. Not only has Keith played lacrosse within and for Australia, he spent 4 years playing at Limestone College and has experience playing at the Calgary Roughnecks and Nanaimo Timbermen.

Keith has had experience being President and Vice President of Eltham Lacrosse Club. Not only has he had roles within the club, he is also currently a member or the World Lacrosse Athletes Commission and Inaugural Chair of the Athlete Advisory Committee (AAC). Keith as been a captain at a club level, but also has had experience at a representative level and collegiate level. Due to this, he has a really strong set of leadership skills.

Keith is looking forward to a second year of coaching the Eltham State League team. The team laid a really good foundation last year, and made finals and had their first state league finals win in 12 years. This year State League will have several changes in the playing group, and Keith is really excited by the young players who are coming through.

Cameron Barr-Kemp

Cam grew up at Coburg Lacrosse Club and moved to Eltham in 1982 where he began to play. When it came to playing in representative teams, Cam did it all. All through juniors he played in Victorian teams and also played at both u18 and u21 age groups for box lacrosse. Cam had the opportunity to be part of the Australian squad in 2002. Despite not quite making the team, he had to chance to represent Victoria at a seniors level.

Cam played at the state league level for many years, as well as winning the Division 1 premiership in 2001 just before taking a break. When he came back to play in 2018, Cam and his teammates in Division 3 claimed the flag! He has been lucky enough to play in 6 premierships throughout his career.

Coaching Division 2, now known as Community Cup, isn’t new to Cam. He has been coaching this level for a few years now. He is looking forward to being part of a strong group that is willing to give to their all and show everyone just how serious of a contender they are for this years flag!

Duncan Mckenzie

Duncan has been playing lacrosse since the age of 9, and has continued to be around the sport ever since. At the age of 30, Duncan unfortunately had to stop playing due to a knee injury. However, this injury started his coaching career. As a junior, Duncan was captain of the Victorian representative team in 1986. Not only has he played at a state level, but Duncan has also coached the senior mens Victorian team in 2004 and 2005, and has also had the opportunity to coach the u18 Victorian team for the past two years.

Duncan is no stranger to facing new challenges and adapting to all kinds of change. This season, the u18 boys team is a combine team. A combine team comes with its own challenges, however there is always a solution. On a Tuesday night the boys come down to Eltham and train together for 2hrs, allowing them to work as a team and create a bond between teammates. Then on Thursdays, the boys will have the opportunity to train for the seniors of their own clubs. Overall, Duncan’s love for lacrosse means that a new season is always exciting.

Bianca Connolly

Bianca has been playing lacrosse since she was 12 years old. Throughout her time playing, she has played represented Victoria at the age of 15, and recently competed in the first women’s box lacrosse competition on the South Australian side.

This year will be Bianca’s second consecutive year coaching, however she has coached a few teams on an off over the years. Bianca is looking forward to having to opportunity to coach again this year and continue working with Eltham’s little Panthers!

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